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Why Ballard Law?

James Ballard ("Jim") began his 30 year legal career at large, multinational law firm representing high net worth individuals, families, and publicly traded companies. He has since transitioned to forming his own law firm bringing an institutional quality legal practice, without the big firm fees, to every Client he serves.

How He Works

James Ballard actively listen to the goals of the Client. He then communicates with the Client available options with an honest conversation about the possible outcomes. A joint decision is made between the Client and the Ballard Law team regarding the scope of work. James and the team commences work for the Client. Consistent communication with Client during the process to ensure efficient results and confirmation of the Client’s expectations.

Provide Creative solutions for Life and Legacy

The Mission

The Values



 Commitment to earnestly understanding a Client’s goals



Identify risks and proactively protect your interests.



Communicates clearly and consistently. 

“Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.”

– Blaise Pascal

Real Estate Transaction Experience

James Ballard has a profound track record when it comes to supporting commercial real estate transactions. 

Total Amount of Industrial Lease Space Negotiated and Executed
0 Sq. Ft.
Total Lease Space Negotiated and Executed
0 Sq. Ft.
Total Amount of Investment and Sales Transactions Negotiated and Executed
$ 0
Total Number of Multi-Family Projects Sales Negotiated and Executed
Total Amount of Investment Structures Created and Executed
$ 0

Development and Acquisition Success

James Ballard  has and continues to be a trusted resource for structuring real estate projects. He  is measured not by the number of clients, but by how well we execute for each client.

Fortune 50 Company

Acquisition of 17.4-acre tract of land, obtained entitlements, zoning and land use permitting the development of a 275,000 square foot class-A midrise office building in Dallas, Texas

Public University

Site selection, negotiation, and contracting with a construction management company to develop a state university regional campus in Dallas, Texas

Regional Transportation Company

Site selection, acquisition, entitlements, and land-use planning for a 57-acre tract of land in Harris County, Texas

Regional custom furniture manufacturer

Site selection with entitlements and use approvals. Negotiation and contracting with design, engineering, project management, and general contractor companies relating to the construction of a 450,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility located in Arlington, Texas

Regional Investor

Acquisition, land planning, entitlements, use approvals, and creation of restrictive covenants for a 278-acre tract in San Marcos, Texas

National Service Company

Site acquisition and negotiation of economic incentives relating to the redevelopment of a 125,000 square foot industrial facility for a call center user owner in Austin, Texas

Fortune 25 Company

Acquisition of undeveloped land, entitlements, and construction of multiple retail stores throughout north, south and east Texas

International Company

Site selection, negotiation and contracting with design, engineering, and general contractor companies relating to the development of a 600,000 square foot distribution center in Dallas, Texas

Local Investor

Site acquisition, entitlements, use approvals, platting, and creation of restrictive covenants for a 140-acre master planned residential community in New Braunfels, Texas

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Our firm’s primary practice areas include: estate planning, real estate transactions & litigation, and formation of business entities. 

Depending on your goals and circumstances, we will advise you on your options and help you decide the best solution to protect your assets.

Both. Whether your assets are owned by you individually or your multi-million dollar company, it is important to legally protect those assets from predatory claims, creditors, and minimize tax effects. 

Success is achieved by the protection of our Client’s assets so that those assets may be used and enjoyed for it’s intended purpose.

Our firm will discuss options with you, decide on a plan, implement the plan, and communicate regularly during that process. 

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